We Make Fresh-Frozen Meats to prepare at home and Hot Food to Go!
Our belief is that everyone should be able to "Taste before you buy!" That is, since everyone's tastes are different, why not taste the item before you buy it, FREE! This way, you purchase what you love the most! We always have cooked samples of everything we make, ready for you to taste and make an easy decision based on your likes.
Below are testimonies from those who have purchased and tasted our products.

"Luckily for us, here in Mexico, an entrepreneurial transplant from California named Steve, who prefers to be known simply as "Señor Salchicha" and his Mexican wife, Luci, who is originally from Chiapas, have arrived in town offering up some of the most flavorful Meats and Sausages available south of the border." Tom Gatch (Wrote best seller... - "Hooked on Baja". For more info on his book, Click Here!)

"Barbara and I enjoyed your Bratwurst this evening, with my homemade sauerkraut, some fresh hot mustard and a baked sweet potato! Delicious!

We hope on your next visit to the Open Air Fair you will have some of your salami along, but we plan to try more sausage and maybe some lamb, too. See you then!"

Thanks -
Bob from Punta Banda
"Truly the best, most high quality meats that I have ever tasted. I believe that anyone would agree that the quality and flavor is even better than most Sausage in California. I also want to say that I have seen and testify that the ways and methods that you make your products are astounding. Because I have seen the way you never physically touch the meat with bare hands during your entire processing from start to finish. No meat ever touches anything that is not totally bacterially clean. Specialized "one use" plastic sheets, used once then discarded? Genius - better than the meat surface touching something that you clean with liquid cleaners such as bleach or antimicrobial solution then the cleaner is on the meat? - I know that you still use the food grade antimicrobial solution to clean your counters and cutlery and rinse very well with purified-distilled water... Very clean facility - very perfect and tasty products, always!!!". By the way... Did you already guess that I am a "Clean Freak" too!" - Susan and Tim Oeland

"Oh, man... I purchased some Atomic Sausage from Mr. Salchicha and I have to say they are my most favorite Sausages EVER! I do not like too much spice but I guess more than most people. These Atomic have just the right amount of heat and the flavors are out of this world! - I have also tried his Salumi. I have tasted Salumi from all over the west coast and his are more exceptional than the others, with so much flavor. The flavors are not dull. When you put one of his meat products in your mouth, you can taste the effects of the spices right now. It does not just taste like meat, you taste the perfectly married flavors right away! . I highly recommend the products from Baja Specialty Meat Company to anyone who wants a totally different pleasureable taste experience!". Happy! Happy! - Robert Lindstrom

"Steve, I must admit that your Pastrami is top notch. So much flavor with very little fat. I loved the Pastrami Sandwich that you made for me. The Pastrami was so moist. I have had other Pastrami sandwiches and compared to yours, were tasteless and dry! . I also want to commend you on your product quality. I do not know of anyplace that prepares food or manufactures food products that cares so much about cleanliness and the well being of those who will consume your products... 'You are a clean fanatic'. I guess you can not be too careful" - Melissa Stice
"I really love your products... For as long as I have known you, you always make such yummy meat products. I also know as well that your facility is as clean as one could make it as I have seen it many times myself and have never seen anything that was not totally spotless. Great Job!" - Brenda Barnes
"The one and only in Mexico... What a shame... That just means that you are going to have to expand and put a Baja Specialty Meat Company, featuring Señor Salchicha products in every major city in Mexico!!! Wow... what a novel concept!" - Thomas Dickson
"Mr. Salchicha, Just wanted to let you know that your deli meats are without a doubt some of the best I have ever tasted. I now have tasted many items that you make from the Artisan Sausage to the Pastrami to the Salumi. Your Specialty Salami has so much flavor... Purchased 3 good size pieces of various types (over 2 kilos) and between my wife and I and our dinner guests that night, we almost polished it all off. I also purchased your Capacola at the same time. It was Dynamite! Definitely the best that I have tasted. Also just to let you know yor Beef Pastrami is so much better than that New York !@#%!" - Samuel Singleton
"Hey man, how in the heck do you make your Pancetta and Guanciale with so much flavor? I mean... its you know... "FAT".. I have to admit... I ADORE FAT! . FAT RULES! . The greatness of the Beef Pancetta is unbelievable! How does one make Pancetta with Beef? But you did it... You are definitely the man! You really know your stuff when it comes to Meaty Pleasures!" . - Mario Alvarez
More coming soon!
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